Lalaguda Rail Coach Workshop Adopts Hi-tech Procedures

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HYDERABAD: The railway carriage workshop at Lallaguda in Secunderabad is the first such facility of the Indian Railway to implement information technology-enabled workshop developed by the Centre for Railway Information System (CRIS) for coach maintenance procedure.

The maintenance procedure involves overhauling of coaches to ensure 100 per cent safety. The coach management system software has been developed to meet the day-to-day requirements and monitor the period over hauling (PoH) progress of coaches undergoing maintenance. The entire workshop has been brought under wireless network to run the information system for the managerial as well as employee welfare.

To show the rigourous system of maintenance of carriages, a guided tour of the workshop  was organised for mediapersons on Monday. SCR chief workshops engineer KP Som Kuwar, chief workshop manager P Uday Kumar Reddy and chief public relations officer M Umashankar Kumar briefed the media on the stringent maintenance schedule of the workshop.

The Lalaguda workshop maintains 5,000 coaches/bogies. There is a similar workshop near Tirupati. The Lalguda workshop is one of the 22 such facilities of the railways and holds the capacity to undertake POH of 131 coaches a month.

The workshop undertakes overhauling of all types of passenger-carrying coaches including those designed by the Integral Coach Factory and Rail Coach Factory, diesel electric multiple units (DEMUs), diesel hydraulic multiple units (DHMUs), multi-modal transport service (MMTS), Linke-Hofmann Busch (LHB) and double-decker coaches. Besides, it maintains accident relief trains (ARTs), medical relief vans (MRVs) and inspection cars.

Som Kuwar said the stringent maintenance process involves taking in of a coach on a pre-determined date.

The coaches are stripped of all components and sent to the respective shops and sections before subjecting them to another examination and giving final certification for run. To do these works, the workshop has various shops and wings, each undertaking a specific work.

The workshop does a whopping number of 55 wheel and-axle assemblies every day using a specialised lathe machine. The checks on wheel and axle that has a normal life span of six years include ultrasound to detect internal cracks. One crack is enough for it to be scrapped. The average life span of a coach is about 25 years.

It was estabalished on September 30,1893 under the aegis of the ‘Nizam Guaranteed State Railways’ to undertake POH and repairs to broad and metre gauge steam locomotives, coaches and wagons.

After the formation of SCR in 1966, the workshop took up overhauling of coaches and was named Carriage Workshop.

Considered to be one of the most prominent coach maintenance facilities of the Indian Railway, the Lalaguda Carriage Workshop is now going through a major Rs 90-crore expansion. A part of the work has been completed at a cost of Rs 30 crore.

Source: Indian Express

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