Indian Railways accident: Bogies of ‘Jodhpur-Jaipur Intercity Express’ separates into two parts, thrice

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Indian Railways accident: In a case of negligence, the engine and two bogies of an intercity express separated from the rest of the train thrice when it was running on the Jodhpur-Jaipur route.
No one was injured in the incident which occurred last night though the passengers were left panic-stricken and the train was delayed by four hours. Indian Railways has ordered a technical inquiry into the matter, sources said.
The engine and two bogies of Jodhpur-Jaipur intercity express went ahead after its coupling opened and the remaining bogies slowed down and stopped due to automatic breaks, the sources said.
This happened three times near Gotan, Ren and Jalsu railway station.
The bogies which got separated stopped due to automatic brakes and the passengers were safe, Chief Public Relation officer of NWR, Tarun Kumar Jain said.
A passenger, R N Pandey, said the train which left Jodhpur railway station at 6.15 PM reached Jaipur at 3.10 AM after a delay of around four hours.


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