22 senior railway officers lose postings after CBI report

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At least 22 senior officials in the ministry of railways have been removed from sensitive postings after their names were red-flagged by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI).

These officers belong to the Indian Railways’ North Eastern zone that covers Uttar Pradesh, western Bihar, and Uttarakhand.

After the anti-graft agency raised their names, most officers have been removed from the postings that involve taking decisions related to financial matters. Three officials continue to stay in their posts but their “financial powers” have been withdrawn. One officer has been on sick leave for long, said a source.

Every year, the CBI prepares two lists that identify officers with doubtful integrity. The suspects’ names and other particulars are kept away from public glare but shared with their department heads for a discreet check on their activities.

The CBI’s lists are prepared with inputs from the chief vigilance officers of central ministries, public sector units and undertakings.

If an officer features in either of these lists, it has an adverse effect on their career.

The copies of the two lists are kept in the custody of the CBI and head of the concerned ministry, department or undertaking.

The purpose of the agency placing the officers on such a watch is not only to pre-empt corruption, it can also begin a “formal, open” probe against them on receipt of adequate “material evidence” establishing any irregularity, said the source.

“He or she can get removed from a sensitive posting immediately and if that is not possible, his or her financial powers would be taken away,” said the source.

It can also blight the officer’s access to career-advancement opportunities and post-retirement jobs of commercial nature, added the source.

Source: Hindustan Times

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